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Providing Independence Through Technology

Eye Focus Technology provides the most advanced technology available for the visually impaired. We provide the service, support and training necessary to make our products a valuable part of your life. You have our commitment to quality and customer service.


MagniLink ZIP

The MagniLink ZIP is a stylish foldable CCTV, based on the latest technology. The modern design makes it attractive in all environments and in combination with its portability, it is the ultimate video magnifier whether for use at school or at work. LVI also offers MagniLink ZIP DUO, a video magnifier with both a reading- and distance camera.

MagniLink Vision Premium

This brand new video magnifier from LVI has just been introduced to the United States! It has been developed by combining Swedish design with the latest electronic and image technology.


The MonoMouse-USB is a unique product. It connects directly to any USB 2.0 port without the need for any other cables or connectors. Drawing only a very small amount of power, this is an ideal electronic magnifier to use especially with laptop, notebook or netbook computers. It is, of course, just as convenient when used with desktop computers in the home or office.


What is Low Vision?

Low vision is the result of a sight diminishing condition that may cause reduced visual acuity, possible blind spots, lower contrast sensitivity, and a reduction in either peripheral or central field of vision. A person with low vision has less than 20/20 sight and will probably struggle with daily activities, such as reading, writing, completing chores or pursuing hobbies.

What are the common causes of Low Vision?

There are many causes of low vision. The most common causes are: age related macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and cataracts.To learn more about these diseases click on our Low Vision Information page.

How do I know if I have Low Vision?

Although there may be subtle changes to your sight, there are several signs that may indicate the onset of an eye disease. Do you have trouble recognizing faces, seeing colors accurately or reading street signs? Do you find yourself moving closer to things, needing additional light, and more contrast?

Will I lose my sight?

Generally speaking, you will not lose your sight, these are sight diminishing conditions. However, it is critical that you are under a doctor's care. These diseases require medical management and left untreated could lead to severe vision loss, and in the case of glaucoma, possible blindness.


Products like Video Magnifiers help you enjoy an improved quality of life.

  • Resume reading and writing
  • Keep up with finances and mail
  • Pursue hobbies or crafts
  • Watch television
  • Enjoy family photos
  • Discern prices and labels
  • Identify medications and dosage
  • Restore independence at work
  • Facilitate learning at school


  • No obligation In-Home Demonstration
  • New & Pre-Owned Sales
  • Product Evaluation
  • Delivary, Set-Up, Training and Support
  • Service Calls
  • Minor Repairs

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